Thursday, July 26, 2007

More Wonder

My parent wondered why I didn't want to play games with the parent. Simple, it wasn't worth the effort. My first memory of the problems is when my parent wanted to play the game of my choice with me so I chose handball. We started to play when the parent made an incorrect play and I pointed it out. The parent asked in a shrill voice "What do you mean?" and was irritated when I explained the particular rule so I said we won't worry about that rule. Then another rule was missed and another and another with the parent getting more irritated with me when I pointed it out. The parent made some comment on how you are just supposed to hit the ball back and forth which to me even back then when I was 6 seemed pretty lame.

The arguments that always happened just made it no fun to play games with my parent. Whenever I was winning the parent would be irritated and I was in a position where I felt I had to apologise for winning and when I would explained rules or the like I was made to feel I was cheating or rewriting the rules to my benefit.

Much simpler to not play games with the parent and if the parent doesn't like it too bad. I ended up feeling guilty for winning that I stopped winning all the time. That's the effect it had on me. I've overcome it now. It's easy when you stay away from a recognised bad influence.

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