Saturday, July 7, 2007

When I was a teenager and I'm gaining a sense of self identity and self respect, my parent tells me of a great hairdressing shop at the local shopping centre and how I should have my hair cut there one time. I agree to accompany my parent to this hairdressing shop. On arrival my parent states that we are to both have our hair cut at this shop. My parent is served first and the cutting commences. While the parent is being hair styled one of the hairdressers motions me to a seat and my styling begins.

When my haircut is completed I go to the waiting area but my parent is not there, I am informed that my parent has left the store. I await the return of my parent and when my parent returns and starts screaming at me right there in the shopping centre.

"Where were you?" I am asked in a shrill and indignant tone of voice.

The question surprises me, after all it was the idea of my parent to bring me to this shop and I agreed to get my haircut there, why would my parent be asking where I had been??

I am seriously embarrassed by all this and am not sure how to respond. My parent pays the bill and as we head home I am told that when my parent had returned to the waiting area I was not there and my parent had left the store to try and find me as my parent had wanted a specific staff member of this store to do my hair. This was the first I had heard of that particular idea, I was originally told that I was to have my hair cut at this specific store. My parent further stated how they believed I had left the store. I stated that I was there getting my hair cut. My parent responded with 'Well I didn't see you' and when I responded with 'You didn't look properly' my parent responded back with "Yes I did!"

My response was "You didn't, I was in there getting my hair cut"

The parental response, said in a 'indignant and I am right' tone of voice was "All I know is when I came out from my haircut you weren't there" and when I repeated that I was getting a hair cut we went back to the beginning of the conversation with the 'Well I didn't see you' statement leading the whole argument into a repeating loop.

My parent didn't state that a specific hairdresser was to do the haircut, my parent is the one who wandered off, my parent refused to acknowledge that it was not my mistake, not my misunderstanding and then refused acknowledge the proof that I was getting my hair cut, that being the fact that my hair had been cut.

That in combination with a few other stunts is why I have no respect for my parent. The lesson for others here? For one thing say exactly what you mean, don't say one thing and expect someone else to guess you mean something else, look around properly and don't try and deny you are wrong when there is obvious evidence that you are wrong.

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