Monday, July 9, 2007

And My Story

My parent would also get in my way when my friends were around, it got to the point of not passing phone calls from my friends to me. My friends would ask to speak to me and my parent would ignore this and attempt to launch into a conversation with them. Repeated requests to speak to me were ignored and it got to the point where my friends just stopped calling me because more often than not they couldn't get past my parent to speak to me.

When I attempted to speak to my parent about this situation I was told by my parent in a most irritating tone of voice that I was jealous that certain people were friends of my parent as well, I stated again that these people had asked to speak me and weren't being put through only again to be told that I'm jealous.

I'm not jealous, I'm furious! These people had asked to speak to me and weren't put through because of some sad old loser trying to pretend they had some friends. These people calling and asking to speak to me weren't your friends oh parent of mine, they were my friends. They knew you and would say hello and be polite to you because they didn't hate you but they were never your friends. Like that other post says. get your own friends and leave mine alone!

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Anonymous said...

you get lots of parents like that! i one time saw my mother goimg through my sisters address book looking for the phone number of my sisters friend so she could call the friend!! the friend would say hello to my mother when she saw her but did not engage in conversation but because my mother was sad she somehow thought my sisters friends were just sitting there waiting for my mother to call!!