Sunday, July 8, 2007

My Story

I had a parent who kept getting in my face every time my friends came around, my parent was trying to get attention and to show off. My friend and myself were changing a bike part, a cotter pin which holds the pedals in place.

To start the job we had to take the old pin out when my parent comes out and starts quoting from a bicycle book that we needed to put a piece of wood under the pedal. I said that's for putting a pin in, we are taking one out. My parent then states we have to put the wood there or we will damage the pin. I then state that it doesn't matter if we damage the pin, as soon as it's out it will be thrown away. My parent repeats in a high pitched screaming tone of voice that we need the wood because we will damage the pin before walking off.

All this has taken place in front of my friend, my parent was always highly visible and in the way when my friends were around.

Moments later my parent comes out and with a sort of nervous chuckle says "Oh so you are taking the pin out, oh, ha ha ha ha." before scuttling off again.

My parent was trying to show off, My parent had read the bicycle book and was expecting admiration for doing so. My view is that book is no good if you don't know the job that was actually being done at the time, so keen to show off was my parent that my comment that the wrong procedure was being quoted was ignored. My friend and I got to finish the repair job without further interruption but with each incident like that involving my parent I was less inclined to take friends home until I eventually refused to do so. My parent seemed to think everyone was there to see them. I say get your own friends and if you can't don't try and make problems for me and my friends.

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