Saturday, August 11, 2007

Stop Playing Games

If I was ever evasive or gave stupid answers with the intent to annoy I was told to stop playing games but my parent was more than happy to do the same.

My friends were over asking me to come out but I could not go because I had to have dinner first. I told my friends and they asked when would my dinner be ready as they were happy to wait around for a while. I asked the parent who replied with 'soon'. I asked how long is that and got the response in a more terse voice of 'soon'

I told my friends of the response and they were not surprised having witnessed previous episodes of pathetic, jealous behaviour from my pathetic jealous parent. They asked me to persist with the parent and when I asked again I got the same stupid 'soon' again. Requests to get a direct answer received the same response of 'soon'. I said to the parent that I need to have a direct answer because my friends were stuck out there waiting. It was a mistake to plead to my parents sense of reason because the piece of crap screamed out as loud as possible that if I don't want my friends around I should tell them. They of course heard that and thought I didn't want them around and was trying to get rid of them.

When I saw my friends later on I explained what I said to my parent before the outburst and they realised it was just another outburst from a sad fool of a parent and not me trying to fob them off.

My parent had no friends and was jealous of me having friends so my parent was trying to cause problems.

And to all you people who say I should be grateful to my parent for raising me you can get stuffed! It's more by luck than judgement that I made it to adulthood and before you think of forgiving my parent for any woes previously suffered in life just remember you weren't raised by a selfish piece of garbage who expected the whole world to revolve around them, the whole world do everything for them and everyone around them to pay some form of homage to them all the time. So don't expect me to gloss over bad treatment for your benefit, I had to do this for me, for once I started to see that I count too, as much as anyone else.

I was raised by such a selfish character and could have turned out that way myself quite easily, especially the lack of friends part because I was stupidly treating people in a less than mannerly fashion like my parent having not made the leap that bad treatment drives people away since when you're growing up you tend to gloss over the stupidity of a parent and fall over yourself to excuse it to your own detriment. When I stopped making those excuses I started top see things in life more clearly and low and behold when I sopped treating people badly I actually made some friends.

I don't have many friends as such but at least I have some, if I had of stayed a bitter, jealous, self centred person I wouldn't have any just like my parent.

I broke the cycle.

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~Rachel~ said...

They are confused parents, as I can understand why your frustrated!!