Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sorry for the lack of posting, we have received several stories and have had to determine which fall into the the Life Concepts format

I grew up in a nudist family, always naked when we were able to be, to doubt nudity was to doubt the gods.

When I hit my teens I started to get erections at the drop of a hat which is looked down upon in the nudist way of life of which I was apparently a dedicated member of.

I was told all my life that I love this great way of life. Told, not asked.

Every time I got the hint of an erection comment was made. I was made to feel bad about it despite the fact i couldn't help it. I had an erection, the scourge of the nudist world. Shame on me!!

We would be sitting somewhere when the dreaded erection came on and all and sundry would comment, friends, family and strangers. I resented the comments at my expense and resented that people I did not know where adding their comments to the approval of all those around me. I didn't know these people, who the hell were they to be watching me so closely and commenting on it?!

If I objected I was supposedly the one in the wrong, my attitude was so wrong in our 'free and easy' lifestyle.

I ended up able to control my erections effectively. And that didn't stop the comments. The insinuation was made, by the same strangers, that I was sneaking off and masturbating and my objections to these comments were met with the usual comments about our 'free and easy' lifestyle and how somehow I was in the wrong.

I actually ended up unable to get an erection for quite sometime and ruining my relations with women until I came to terms with the situation I was placed in and who was responsible.

The strangers for commenting, the so called friends for commenting and my family for commenting and placing me in this situation in the first place.

If it was such a happy, healthy lifestyle why did they have to make fun of me?

Probably because what it all boiled down to was they were all a bunch of sick freaks.

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