Saturday, October 20, 2007

When ever I showed a little initiative it was always tramped all over and my parent would attempt to hijack it for their own benefit.

In my family when we hit teenage hood we were responsible for our own ironing. I wanted to make my ironing easier so I asked my parent to hang my school shirts on hangers when they were hung out to dry after being washed. My parent screamed out that if I wanted them hung like that I could do it myself.

Fair enough, so I hung up my own shirts. Next thing I know my parent and my sibling notice that it's easier to put clothes away if they are already hung on hangers and demand I hang their clothes out on hangers as well. My response was the same as what I received when I first asked, although without the screaming so my parent counters with a self serving statement on how it's my responsibility as I wanted my shirts hung up as well as making out I was trying to get out of my fair share of work by not ensuring I did not have to do so much ironing on my shirts followed by a few other weird comments.

My parent said to me that if I couldn't do this one little thing for them don't expect me them to do anything for me again and just yelled down any counter from me pointing out that I now had extra time now that my ironing was now an easier less time consuming task.

I actually had no problem with the idea of hanging all our clothes on hangers all the time, I just didn't want to be landed with the job all the time, I didn't come up with the hangers idea to make everybody else's life easier and have myself landed with more work but my parent tried to twist it around and tried to make out I was selfish when I objected to being saddled with the additional work. Also the belief my parent had that the time I saved on my ironing was there for my parents benefit to get additional work done for them annoyed me as well as the insinuation that I was trying to avoid my share of the work.

"Don't expect me to make your dinner then if you don't want to contribute to this family" screamed my parent in a self righteous tone of voice. "OK." said I and went to my room.

It was my turn to peel the potatoes and set the plates and my parent came to me to demand I do this task. I asked if I was getting any dinner and was told no so I said no, if I can't expect dinner then don't expect my help.

And the yelling continued.

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Anonymous said...

Ungratefull children are common, you seem to be one of them. Just do your fair share, it is worth it. And if you don't , apart from cutting your nose off to spite your face, you will teach yourself to be a selfish, bludger who doesn't have the ability to either share the load or even give.

Wake up to yourself.