Saturday, November 3, 2007

Always Wrong? No I'm Not

I was somehow always wrong about everything.

Even when I was right I was wrong.

My family it seemed were hovering like vultures waiting for me to say something so they could say I was wrong.

Then they wondered why I didn't like talking to them.

When I was growing up I would comment on things I had observed. I commented on how most taxis didn't signal a right turn at a certain T junction only to be told that they do signal.

I stated I would like to take a trip on the QE2 and go first class only to be told they don't have first class so I'm wrong even though I had researched the ship out of interest and they hadn't researched it at all.

The list goes on and on.

When I asked how would they know that things were not as I said they were I was told they just wouldn't do it that way. I had studied or observed the things I was commenting on, they hadn't but somehow I was wrong. According to them 'they just wouldn't' and so it was according to them so I in turn started to seriously doubt myself even though in most cases I was right. This doubt caused me no end of problems because I had no faith in my own judgement even though I was right.

And I am right.

The taxis usually didn't signal the right, the QE2 did have forst class, I was usually right and my family was usually wrong.

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